ABOUT Raunsborg

BThere is an exciting collaboration behind Raunsborg®. A collaboration between the Danish company, Plum A/S, and the Danish fashion expert, Jim Lyngvild. And if you take a closer look behind the facades of the two main players, the basis for the cooperation is not difficult to spot.

Plum A/S dates all the way back to 1860 and, for more than 50 years, has produced skincare products which comply with today's very strict demands for high quality products for the professional market. With Jim's passion for beauty, Norse mythology and nature, the basis for the collaboration, which started in 2011, was almost formed in advance. A collaboration that has now resulted in two great beauty series for women and one skincare and fragrance line for men - obviously adapted to the masculine skin - all inspired by the treasures of the Nordic nature.

Nature itself can create small miracles and with the centuries-old Danish book on Nordic plants, Flora Danica (in the year 1648), we have found effective properties from nature's own herbs, plants and flowers. We have brought ancient depictions back to life. The properties from carefully selected herbs and plants are used constructively in product development and forms the basis for Raunsborg®.

But nature does not do it alone. In close partnership with Plum’s laboratory Jim has put his mark on the fragrances and beauty products. Together, they have developed a unique beauty series with pure, efficient and reliable products, suitable for all skin types.

And the name. It was not that hard to come up with. Because what is more natural than to name the series after Jim Lyngvild's Viking fortress, RAVNSBORG, on South Funen?


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