Raunsborg® Sensitive is an unscented beauty series for all skin types and the third in the beauty series from Raunsborg®.

Jim Lyngvild has sought back to the wisdom of earlier times and found inspiration in the several hundred years old book about Nordic nature, Flora Danica (that is: Danish book on herbs) from 1648. The book is written by physician Simon Paullii, launched by King Christian IV and published at the behest of King Frederik III with the intention to describe medicinal plants properties to give ordinary citizens who could not afford or had the opportunity to consult a doctor, the opportunity to help themselves. In addition to describing the many treasures nature hides, the book also warns strongly against the use of tobacco. That in itself gives food for thought and confirms to us how much we can learn from the old "folk remedy" and past wisdom.

Beauty care should never be a science in itself. With the right products, the most basic skin care can done with an effective cleansing face wash and a moisturerising, firming and protective face cream.

Raunsborg® Sensitive helps you on the way to a quick and clear beauty.

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