DAY CREAM - 50 ml

Quick acting day cream with a lush scent of birch that creates an extra feeling of freshness. Adds moisture to keep skin fresh and soft all day.

Contains Ceramide 2 to help postpone the natural ageing signs of the skin, while active plant ectracts from dandelion tightens and improves the elasticity of the skin. Essential oil from wolfsbane calms skin and has a sotthing and anti-inflammatory effect.

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• Dandelion extracts
• Ceramide 2
• Wolfsbane oil
• Squalane


Daily use of a day/face cream adds moisture to the skin and protects it from drying out.

Raunsborg Day Cream adds extra moisture and gives you a fresh and smooth skin.

Clean skin of impuritities with Face Wash or Face Scrub before using cream. For an extra tightening effect apply Raunsborg Eye Serum before applying the Day Cream on face and neck.

The Raunsborg Face Creams are suitable for use day or night and have active ingredients that supplement eachother and keeps you skin healthy and fresh. If skin is extra dry we recommend a frequent use of Day Cream.


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