SKIN TONIC - 200 ml

Skin Tonic is a nourishing and refreshing alcohol-free tonic with a fresh scent of birch.

The active ingredients from sugar beets add moisture, while elder flower and birch bark calm, nourish and refresh the skin. Witch-hazel and cranberries have a tightening and antibacterial effect.
Easily and efficiently removes makeup and impurities from the skin.

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• Cranberry
• Birch bark
• Elder Flower


Skin tonic has more functions.  The most famous is that it in particular cleans your skin for the last dirt and makeup residues. In addition, use of skin tonic reduces the visible pores. However, a tonic also prepares your skin on the subsequent moisture care so you can achieve optimal results.

Use Skin Tonic both morning and evening, before applying face cream and makeup. Skin tonic can also benefit you during the day when used to refresh and clean skin.

Apply Skin Tonic to cotton and clean skin carefully, before using face cream. If a deeper cleanse is required, we recommend using Face Wash or Face Scrub before using Skin Tonic.

Afterwards, apply a Face Cream to add moisture and strength

200 ml tonic-2

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