Together we create beauty. This was my thought when, in May 2011, I set out to create a beauty series for women of all ages. Not only for the young and the beautiful, and not only for the very wealthy, but also for the everyday women. Furthermore, I found myself running out of steam in the vast sea of beauty products that continually washes onto the market. In my opinion, this is a market that has been completely unmanageable. It lacked simplicity; simplicity that did not make me confused and beauty rituals that could be done in your sleep. In short, beauty without blame.

That's why I created Raunsborg® in cooperation with the old Danish family-owned manufacturing company Plum A/S.

Since the "why" was in place, I had to find out "what" and it was that simple. I looked out of my window and saw how everything was about to bloom. The Nordic flora surrounded me from all sides. Nettles, birch and all the other beautiful herbs, plants and flowers that bloom in May's humble beginnings and I thought: "When they grow here, in this place on earth where I was born, there is probably a reason that they are here. Me and them together. Maybe we could do something for each other? "

This was the beginning of a journey of discovery in the Nordic region's plant life. A journey that has been refreshing and rewarding. Today, I have not only developed a unique beauty series with all that Nordic nature stands for, but I have had a glimpse into a hidden and forgotten world. And knowledge of the many properties hidden in natural vegetation that our grandmothers and women before them used quite naturally in everyday life.

In brief, I have personally rediscovered the magic knowledge of the Nordic herbs and transformed them into the creams and other wonderful products that you can now buy in beautiful packaging and with or without perfume.

On 15 September 2014 and more than two years after the beginning, Raunsborg MAN was launched. Men's skin is often more exposed to the elements and they should also be spoiled with good skincare products and fragrances. The series is specially developed for the male skin and made by the same principles as my other products, but with assets from nature and fragrances better suited to men. I say: Men should be men - Seize the Power - feel the freedom.






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