SPF 15 is for people who can tolerate the sun well and have a darker skin. And SPF 30 for those who have lighter or sensitive skin.

After a long and sunny day, you can treat your skin with soothing and cooling After Sun Lotion.
All Lotions contain active ingredients from sea buckthorn and blueberries that have a soothing and moisturizing effect.

Symbols and illustrations on the boxes are from the Bronze Age.
Our ancestors cultivated the sun as a shrine. Its life-giving force gave life to the earth, and the golden sun was therefore the object of worship of both secular and quaint art.

The small figures on the packagings are all taken from the Bronze Age imagery and with the sun in the center. For exactly as it does today the sun played a special role. It created life, happiness and well-being for both children and adults. The front symbol of the sun is from Madsebakke on Bornholm in Denmark.

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